How will my vehicle be transported?

In most cases, vehicles are transported on 9-10 car haulers designed specifically for moving cars. These transports can be fully enclosed or open. Enclosed typically are specific need vehicles (high dollar, low clearance, etc.).

How will my car be picked up?

At CLASSIC AUTO LOGISTICS we provide options for pick-up service. The most common and most affordable direct pick up at your origin location by the transporter. This usually required 1 to 5 days for the truck to arrive at your location. At CLASSIC AUTO LOGISTICS, we prefer this process because it reduced handling. We can also provide flatbed pick up should you be more time sensitive or have unique requirements. There might be an additional charge for this feature.

What if the transport truck cannot reach my origin or destination location

Because of size, weight and other restrictions, occasionally the transport cannot get to the location. In those cases, you may be asked to meet the transport at a safe location.

How will my car be delivered?

The delivery process is similar to the pick-up process. You will be contacted on an approximate time of delivery, usually with a couple of hour window. The transport will arrive, unload the vehicle and perform a destination condition report with you.

What is a terminal?

A terminal is usually a flatbed ot tow company that we use for pick-up and delivery if required or requested. All terminals are bonded and insured.

How can I document the condition of the vehicle at pick up?

This is a critical component of transportation. You are responsible for acknowledging the condition of the vehicle with the origin service provider. It is suggested that you document the condition of the vehicle with photos. See “vehicle inspection process” for more information (in references tab)

What happens if the vehicle is damaged?

Damage to a vehicle is rare, but it does happen. If damage does occur, it is CRITICAL to document the damage on the destination vehicle condition report. At that time, please reach out to CLASSIC AUTO LOGISTICS and notify us of the damage. We will provide instruction from there. Please review the terms on the origin bill of lading for exclusions to damage.

How long will it take to ship a vehicle?

Transit time will be estimated when the car is booked and again when it is picked up. Transit varies widely because of weather, location, type of vehicle, transit lane, seasonal conditions, and distance. We do have expedited options if you need the vehicle faster than normal.

Does the vehicle have to run?

Not necessarily but it must roll, brake and steer safely and effectively at a minimum. Vehicles that cannot run may require additional fees

How much lead time do I need to ship my car?

Usually just a few days is all that is necessary. Most carriers need 1 to 5 days to schedule, route and travel to the origin location. Date specific pick up options are available at an additional cost.

How can I find out where my vehicle is?

If you would like to know where your vehicle is at any time, please reach out to CLASSIC AUTO LOGISTICS at 800-547-3545 or email us at

Is the vehicle insured during transportation?

The carrier consigned to transport your vehicle is required to provide adequate cargo coverage in the event rare damage occurs. Most vehicles are covered for at least $50,000 of the Kelly Blue Book value (or other valuation method). Additional fees may apply for vehicles in excess of $50,000. In the event of damage, the damage must be noted on the destination bill of lading at the time of delivery. It is recommended that you maintain or procure insurance in the event a non-covered event occurs, like an Act of God (hail, etc.). If you have questions, review the “terms and conditions” in the references tab

Have another question?

If your question is not listed or you need more information, please contact CLASSIC AUTO LOGISTICS at 800-547-3545 or email CLASSIC AUTO LOGISTICS at