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Transporting a classic car is a unique experience.  Each vehicle has specific requirements that may affect the final cost to ship.  That is why we provide a custom quote for every shipment.  We know you may be reviewing several vehicles and the Transport Estimator is a great way to evaluate the final decision on the purchase and ultimately, transportation.

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Transportation Estimator

This is the approximating domestic transportation cost for a standard sedan.  This is intended as a guideline only and represents the relative price bands based on distance.  Many variables may affect final price including but not limited to weather, travel lane, size and type of vehicle, type of service requested/required, seasonal capacity variables, etc.

Miles Transportation Estimate
0-500$250 – $600
501-1000 $600 – $900
1001 -1500$900 – $1200
1501 – 2000$1200 – $1400
2001 – 3000$1400 – $1700
3000+ $1700 and up

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