About Classic Auto Logistics

Who are we:
Classic Auto Logistics was created to connect you with your dream car as soon as possible. Shipping a classic vehicle–nationally or internationally–comes with a unique set of challenges. We have more than 60 years of experience overcoming those challenges and fulfilling the requirements for world-wide classic car shipments.

Why choose Classic Auto Logistics:

At our company, we instill a culture of compassion. That means we’re not happy until you’re happy. We approach every shipment as if it were our own car. We take on the forces of nature and bureaucracy on your behalf to ensure that your car arrives in perfect condition.

We offer a broad portfolio of services, competitive price ranges and detailed transit schedules that we’ve compiled over the last 60 years. We are prepared to take on the challenge of bringing your dream car to you, no matter how far it is.

What we do:

First and foremost, we listen. If you’re like many of our clients, you have never transported a vehicle before, and you probably have questions. We take time to address your questions and concerns. Only through listening can we develop a plan that aligns our services with your expectations.


How are we different:

● Global shipping company with a boutique attitude

● Single point of contact

● Fully insured

● Money back guarantee

| Classic Auto Logistics is the exclusive transportation provider of ClassicCars.com; streamlining your car buying experience.



  • Open Carrier Transport

    • Traditional method of transporting vehicles…
    • Cars are exposed to the elements but this is the most common type of transport
    • Most affordable, available and very safe and dependable

  • Door to door with terminals

    • Pick up is accommodated…
    • Great for short fuse moves requiring fast or date-specific pickup
    • This method does increase handling and is slightly more costly

  • Door to door direct with the transport:

    • Transport picks up with a 1-5 day window…
    • Because of safety…..
  • Expedited Transportation

    ● Same day shipping for fast delivery

    ● Higher cost for premium speed

  • Exclusive Use of Truck

    ● Ship your vehicles only

    ● Highest cost for speed and security